From the customization of the electrical switchboard, to its integration with the other components of the production line and with the software supplied to the company: Logitek’s competence and services are aimed at industrial companies belonging to various sectors, with a view to home automation and integrated plant management.

Electrical switchboards design

Electrical switchboards and cabinets are designed and implemented to measure so as to power automation lines and for the purpose of integration with accompanying machines.

Carpentry and customization

Logitek’s expertise in electrical carpentry applications allows to create tailored non-standard switchboards with a high degree of customization.

Wiring of the electrical switchboard

All system components are interconnected through cables, patch switchboards, sockets, connectors and infrastructures for perfect operation of the whole process.

PLC software programming

Logitek technicians provide for the punctual programming of Siemens Plc and Omron Plc software integrated into the system, according to customer needs.

Supervision and data collection

Production data are collected and classified in order to achieve  customized and historical reports, all integrated with the customer’s Office automation.

New production lines

Logitek designs and oversees the installation and start-up of new production lines with machines and automated processes according to the needs of the company.

Support and after-sales assistance

Punctual support and after-sales assistance services cooperate with the customer to keep electrical switchboards, software and production lines in perfect working order.

Warehouse and out of production items

The equipped internal warehouse ensures the prompt availability of spare parts for maintenance and of electrical and electronic parts, even when out of production.

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