specializzati in quadri elettrici su misura

Competences and Specialisations

In the run of time Logitek has supported in its daily work both companies with the need to create and wire a plant to manufacture finished products aimed at the end customer and the consumer, and machine manufacturers with the purpose of providing them with additional providers of goods and products for the public.

Logitek has thus expanded its skills and today focuses in particular on industrial companies and mechanical manufacturers, closer to the business to business market.

In this context Logitek has developed partnerships with customers from several sectors, acquiring a high level of specialisation aimed at machine manufacturers.

Dosing for weighing

The experience in feed factories dosing systems allowed Logitek to relate with production lines in which weighing plays a key role: today the software installed and programmed in the specific business processes allows to manage scales, to detect and process data that are stored in Sql format and which, in addition to yield an information history, can be used to evaluate and improve the overall efficiency. Furthermore all the load cells installed can be equipped with weighing systems.

Plastic Extrusion and Blow Moulding

Logitek cares for the realization of the line dedicated to the production of plastic containers, ie bottles, flacons or other shapes.

According to the procedure, after undergoing extrusion, the plastic material forms a cylinder which, through blowing, gets shaped on the walls of a mould. Then the sprue is mechanically removed and the compliance of the container is checked, otherwise the item is discarded to the side. Along the line, all production data are stored for quality control verification.

Cast iron melting furnaces

The construction of furnaces for melting and treatment of cast iron entails the use of machines and automation lines specifically designed for these highly specialized machinery.

In collaboration with a leading company, committed in turn to the manufacturing of cast iron melting furnaces for operators in various sectors, including the automotive and brake systems sectors, Logitek develops and manufactures electrical switchboards for furnace production processes or may assist customers in the design of the entire system.

Industrial steam and oil boilers

Among the fields in which Logitek operates on an ongoing basis there is the design and manufacturing of production lines and specific industrial machines for the installation of industrial steam and oil boilers, created to generate hot water in industrial hubs.

Manufactured on behalf of a client company which, in turn, produces steam and oil boilers for small and large companies, specific electrical switchboards are designed for these machines and complete production processes can be designed.

Artificial vision systems

The assessment of the quality of the products resulting from the production line had formerly to undergo not only the weighing, but moreover the traditional visual inspection of the operator. Nowadays, the machines designed by Logitek can also provide specific artificial vision systems: that is, the verification of conformity, even visually, is processed by the machine itself, which is able to carry out a verification of the item’s aesthetics, discarding the products which do not meet the requirements.

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