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Logitek operates in the automation of industrial processes, from the construction of the single electrical switchboard up to software programming and creation of supervisory systems of the entire production cycle

Established in 1999 in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) as a software house, transferred to Piadena and finally to the current company headquarters in Pontevico (Brescia) besides the expansion of its premises in 2016, in recent years Logitek has evolved in terms of services and has been transformed under the corporate profile, maintaining the founder Claudio Plodari as a point of reference.

Since 2005 also Lorenzo Alberti has joined the company staff, owner of the homonymous company and long-time customer of Logitek, he brought his extensive experience in the domain of automation and development of dosing systems.

personalizzazione e cablaggio quadri elettrici

Over time Logitek has strengthened its expertise, from the implementation of standard and non-standard electrical switchboards up to the global design of automated processes to manage production lines, distinguishing itself for the specific attention devoted to the acquisition and storage of data related to production, so strategic for any company, and for the accuracy of finishing and wiring.

The care for any detail, the customization of electrical switchboards and systems often necessary to satisfy specific customers, the development of intuitive interfaces, the ability to implement “turnkey” packages, allowed Logitek to bring its achievements to different sectors and throughout the world, that means in realities located in the USA, Russia, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, France, Spain, China, India, in addition to Italy.

operai Logitek al lavoro in officina

Today Logitek, with a dozen specialized employees and collaborators, directly supports the manufacturers of machines for systems with high degree of customization.

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